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One of the most interesting back stories of a singer I’ve read in recent times has to be that of LA based artist FINLAY. After surviving a brutal shark attack she decided to pursue music full-time so she could incorporate her love of the ocean into her music and she definitely did that with her debut TIDES so it’s no surprise that her latest single goes down the same path.

With warm inviting synth beats reminding me of the tropics, a laidback vocal that feels like the gentle rolling of the oceanic waves and an energising chorus that will get you dancing in mere seconds. Lovesick. is a vibe filled track that manages to seamlessly fuse mainstream pop and electronic together to create an eclectic track that will have you either up on your feet singing it at the top of your lungs or an emotional heap in the corner clutching a box of tissues to your chest.

If you’re looking for someone who looks like they’re going to be the next big pop icon then FINLAY is definitely the girl to keep an eye on as Lovesick. is the perfect valentines day banger.

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