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Whenever I listen to Versing it reminds me of those late nights where you’d hang out with your friends in the basement and play music so loud everyone else in the house would think an earthquake is happening. They have this classic college radio sound, which makes sense considering the band originally met at the University Of Puget Sound’s radio station, that has a charm to it that you just can’t help but love.

Today they’ve released Tethered which they’ve said is, “about how people are tied together. It’s a reminder of the interconnectedness of humans, to people who make excuses for not doing the right thing.” Kind of the perfect track to go along with the political climate in America as well as the UK right now.

The guitar plucking pattern at the start already had me sold on the production of the track but the hazy guitar melodies in the chorus, the hard-hitting percussion section and that sublime guitar solo in the bridge just sweetened the deal. Then you’ve got the post-punk vocal laid over the top that helps amplify that electric feeling this track gives you even further and poignant lyrics that make this track a protest anthem for the future.

Although the political climate of the world is in a dark place right now, it’s nice to see that artists like Versing write songs about uniting together in Tethered.

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