Genres Indie Music Pop rock

“Give Up The Ghost” is LPX’s anthemic indie rock track about acknowledging past experiences


I’ve been a massive supporter of Lizzy Plapinger ever since I heard her effortlessly beautiful vocal in MS MR. Her solo project LPX has already produced some stadium anthems such as her eclectic debut Tightrope and the high flying Slide but today she’s released Give Up The Ghost that continues her run of sublime tracks.

It’s an anthemic indie rock track that focuses on acknowledging the experiences and lessons we’ve learned in the past and using them as a stepping stone to help you build yourself into someone you want to be. As per usual LPX’s vocal steals the show with high amounts of emotion being injected into every poignant lyric mixed with an atmospheric production to help emphasise these lyrics further. Throughout the track we’re given these slick guitar melodies that really come alive in the chorus, along with the manic percussion element and underlying bass melody.

However the highlight for me is the end of the track where everything goes quiet and you just hear her whisper like vocal trail off until the gentle crying of the guitar sends us on our way. All in all, LPX has struck gold with Give Up The Ghost and has proven, yet again, that she is an artist who lights up any room her music is played in.

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