One of my favourite things to hear in music is the combination of more rustic instruments like the acoustic guitar with the more clean cut electronic beats that have become more prominent in todays music scene. There’s something so pleasing about the juxtaposition of the pair that makes the music seem so thrilling and South African producer, songwriter and all around great artist Cubbi has done that masterfully in his latest single.

On first listen you’d expect Rippling to be a typical love song featuring the high and lows of love, however it’s actually about his relationship with his mental health. The┬áhonest and relatable lyrics have a poetic sensibility about them that will certainly strike a chord with his audience. The production of the track is superb with melancholy electronic beats featured throughout the track with the occasional inclusion of a lush acoustic guitar melody that combined created an ambient atmosphere.

This isn’t the first time Cubbi has tackled difficult subject matters. His past releases have focused on deeply personal subjects such as him being a queer artist, mental illness and drug abuse. He tackles real issues that effect people in their day to day life and writes personal, relatable and poetic tracks about it. What more could you ask for from an artist?

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