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Having an old soul in the music industry can often be a blessing as it becomes something that listeners always relate to. The pain that is heard within their voice, the lyrics of experiences that helped shape who they are and a timeless quality in the production that all comes together to create something marvellous. There is no better example of this than 18 year old Londoner Jasmine Thompson.

Her latest single Loyal is immaculate with the production from Eg White (Dua Lipa, Adele, Florence + The Machine) sounding like a classic Jazz track that wouldn’t be too out of place of an Ella Fitzgerald LP with a flurries of strings, a morose brass section and melancholy piano keys coming together effortlessly. It’s a track that people who’ve been through a turbulent relationship can find solace in with Thompson’s out of this world vocal delivering so much evocative emotion that every word she sings has a wave of emotion attached to it that comes crashing down as she finishes every note. Honestly her voice is filled with so much soul that everything she sings feels like a special moment.

The tracks was written after Thompson broke up with her boyfriend with her addressing the trust issues she felt during the relationship. “We didn’t trust each other,and as it turned out, we both had good reason. Also, he owes me £600,” she tells us through an email. I’m loyal to the person I met at the beginning, who made me really excited and gave me butterflies.”

Jasmine Thompson has show so much growth as an artist, honestly it’s hard to believe this is the same artist who covered Let Her Go all those years ago, and Loyal is her crowning achievement. We cannot wait to see what else this future star has to offer.

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