Love, Abbey is a DIY artist in the truest sense of the word as she play every single instrument in every song she crafts. It’s something you rarely see but when it’s done it does bring a sense of authenticity to the music, something that gives it that extra bit of flair, roughness and personality that makes it feel personal. If you want any more proof what that can do then you just need to listen to her latest single.

The stripped back production featuring an array shimmering 80’s influenced synths gives IKYMM a dream like feel but also a sense of tenderness and intimacy that rarely gets brought to life in synth based tracks. The distinct and easily recognisable vocal of Love, Abbey goes through a range of emotions that often come with break ups from the vulnerability of her voice starting out like a soft whisper, the melancholy tone as she goes through past memories before ending in the emotional climax of the track. You go on the emotional journey with her and you’re left feeling the pain she felt through a captivatingly produced track.

If you’re experiencing a rough break up then IKYMM by Love, Abbey is the perfect track to get you through this turbulent time.

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