There are moments where you’re in a club and room is completely dead, you’ve seen more people moving in an exam room, the atmosphere feels like a funeral and people are awkwardly chatting like they’re at a high school dance again. Then you put on a track like Haiku Hands latest single that brings the room to life instantly, from start to finish the room is electric once again and filled with energy for all to enjoy

The aptly titled Dare You Not To Dance is filled with eclectic beats that create an intoxicating soundscape that gets your foot tapping and head bopping in a matter of seconds. Then you’ve got the cheerleader chant styled vocal as they yell the title of the track in unison, honestly I can see stadiums full of people yelling that as this song is played, that add a sense of quirky fun to the track before diving into the drop that will unleash your inner dance demon on any dance floor.

If you dare to take on their challenge you’re going to tragically fail as Haiku Hands’ Dare You Not To Dance is something that will get you and everyone around you jumping. Add this to your party playlist now!

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