Music has a way of making us feel intense and passionate emotions that not many other things in life can. It’s a very cathartic experience and I will say with open arms that I experience that whilst listening to Laura Stevenson’s latest track that will have you reaching for tissues in your living room.

The minimalistic production of Living Room, NY allows Stevenson to create an intimate atmosphere with only her guitar packing her piercing emotive vocal, it’s almost as if she is performing in your living room. The track focuses on Stevenson exploring the emotional distance between two people experience as apart of long distance relationship. Her painfully poetic lyrics are pure perfection with my favourite being, “Will we fall straight into routine / Or we’ll be strangers for a week, stir-crazy, lazy until I leave again,” these lyrics make you fully understand the emotional turmoil these two people are going through effortlessly and every lyric of this track manages to do that.

Living Room, NY is sheer perfection from Laura Stevenson and has me even more excited for her album The Big Freeze. It looks set to be one of the albums of the year.

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