One of the most thriving music scenes in the world right now for new, fresh and exciting talent is the hip hop scene. Regularly artists come out with surprising, innovative and thrilling music that gets music fans up off of their seat chanting for more. One artist who embodies this is the Delaware based artist Lil West.

As well as having one of the most gorgeous single covers of the year so far Somedays is an entrancing track that delves into his emotional side with the track speaking about emotional neglect and production amplifies this meaning tenfold. With a melancholy guitar opening the track before the rest of the emotionally stirring track kicks into gear with moody synths creating a dark atmosphere along with his weeping like vocal that makes you believe every word he sings with the lyrics being solemn in their delivery but powerful in their meaning, “Somedays I could love you and I hate you but I’m the only one that understands you.”

If you’re looking for the next big thing in hip hop then look no further than Lil West and his emotionally enthralling single Somedays.

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