Bella Mer’s name actually means ‘Beautiful Sea’ which makes a lot of sense when you listen to her captivating music you through a whole range of different emotions that start off has a little ripple before building up to a whole wave of emotion hitting you. Her music is graceful, powerful and divine and she’s show all of this in her latest track Nothing Holding Me Back.

Her celestial like vocal, that is reminiscent of Grimes, leads the track with her emotively engaging vocals being effortlessly dramatic along with a subtle bassline powering through underneath creating a sense of tension between the pair that is a joy to hear. We do get some flair in the chorus as well with dazzling synths and a string section jumping into the dreamily textured soundscape that leaves us with chills running down our spine and pining for more.

Speaking about the tracks meaning Bella Mer described the track as, “a bit of a personal anthem as I continually face down chronic demons known as doubt and fear; a decree to the stars to give me the strength and faith to leap and keep on leaping into the perpetual unknown.”

Nothing Holding Me Back enchants throughout with a sonic soundscape that makes Bella Mer’s charming vocals shine and show she is a talent not to be taken lightly.

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