There must be something in the water in Sweden as every artist that comes out of that country has unimaginable musical talent and Augustine is definitely one of these artists. His debut single Luzon follows the DIY route with a large portion of the track being recorded in the Swede’s bedroom as he explains, “Luzon was written while sitting by my window in Stockholm on a sunny day, playing the instrumental and singing melodies straight into my MacBook’s microphone. That chorus is actually the same vocal version on the final track.”

He doesn’t waste anytime making an everlasting impression with his unmistakably unique vocal, reminiscent of Ezra Koenig, soaring throughout the track hitting succulent high notes with ease, capturing an emotive rawness that is rare to behold and an alluring quirkiness that gives the track that extra bit of charm. The elegant yet dreamlike production with a textured soundscape of buoyant synths helps enhance the lighthearted meaning the song has about letting go and allowing yourself to just fall in love for a moment. Combine all of this with beautiful videography that brings the lyrics of the track to life and you’ve got a debut that could set the world alight.

Debuts are incredibly important as they introduce you and your music to the world and Augustine’s Luzon is a debut that dreams are made of from an astonishingly promising artist.


  1. I love the song called Luzon, congratulations to Augustine. Many times without a great song song inside of me, Luzon is this song. I hope your next songs. Good Luck great creator ! Best wishes from Spain.

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