We’re in the dead of winter here in the UK right now with snow falling down outside of my window but then you’ve got artists like EMAN8 who make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside with the release of his latest track. It’s the perfect thing to cure those winter blues, what more could we ask for?

With an uplifting message that will make you feel good Inspired is the perfect track to raise your spirits. It’s got an upbeat production that is reminiscent of the 90’s Hip Hop scene with a bit of Reggae thrown in their for good measure, sharp lyrics that effortlessly weave a story together for you to follow and a vocal that has an unmistakable charm to it whilst giving the track that signature EMAN8 flair. Inspired is that one bit of sunshine on a cloudy that brightens everything up around you and suddenly a dull lifeless day becomes something filled with life.

EMAN8 sets our world alight with Inspired and with his self titled debut album set to be released in early spring, it’s only a matter of time til we’re greeted by a fanfare of luxurious tracks from the man himself.

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