When I was sixteen I barely knew what I was going to have for dinner in the evening. Then you’ve got sixteen year olds like Argentinian Joaquin Caste who’s got an undeniably unique vocal that manages to evoke emotions that feel like they’re coming from someone well beyond his years. He’s actually got a vocal style that is reminiscent of Dutch singer Thomas Azier, always a good thing.

His debut track Return is an enthralling RnB song that uses a minimalistic production, comprised of a few calming beats and earnest piano keys, so that the main focus is on the star of the show, Caste’s deep and luscious vocal. Every single note that Caste sings just makes you feel something, every word he utters is filled with raw emotion that is amplified even further through his solemn delivery of the honest yet relatable lyrics that will people around the globe feeling a wide range of emotions.

A debut is always important because it introduces your music to the world and Joaquin Caste has certainly given us a stellar introduction to his music. Excited to see what else this young man is capable of producing.

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