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Future pop icon FRANKIE continues to impress with “Lost In Translation”


One artist who has mastered the art of pop music is Californian songstress FRANKIE who’s managed to go from strength to strength with the genre. Her previous releases have fallen into the classic pop genre, think 90’s when the genre was really thriving, but her latest release has seen her go for a more sultry pop route that is reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s Reputation album.

The opening of Lost In Translation gives us flashbacks to her previous songs before we’re launched fully into the more sensual styling with her alluring vocals being placed over a lusciously deep bass line that carries on throughout the track. The chorus is the highlight of the track with fist pumpingly good beat that would launch any club into hysteria with how intoxicatingly addictive it is and a hook that crowds would yelling out, “Oh I wish you would,” with pure joy.

FRANKIE thrives when it comes creating memorable pop tunes and it’s her high level of imagination and fire in her belly that has helped her become a pop icon in the making.

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