Most artists will spend their time recording their music in a studio to make sure they get every detail and perfect as possible. Then you’ve got insanely creative artists like FLØRE who manages to make a masterfully produced track, mainly from her iPad. Most artists find it a challenge to create a track in the studio so to do it on an iPad is extraordinary.

Heavy Lungs is filled to the brim with emotion which makes sense considering she wrote this track as she walked through the woods crying after her first session where she felt so small and broken. This emotion is felt through her heartbreakingly tender vocal that delivers the lyrics effortlessly with the enchanting production adding to this, especially during the chorus where we get dance styled drop that still maintains a high level of emotional prowess. It’s almost as if Ellie Goulding and Bon Iver had a musical baby, heavenly is every conceivable way.

Heavy Lungs is a track that will end up with you reaching for the tissues as FLØRE has managed to create a spellbinding piece of music.

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