Listening to Novaa always feels like cathartic experience. Her angelic hushed voice mixed with the tranquil beats just transports you away from the world to halcyon place where nothing can disturb you. It’s a gift a lot of artists would love to have but Novaa makes it seem like child’s play with each of her tracks possessing this.

The second Home starts an ethereal presence is felt with her emotive vocals elegantly glide over the minimalistic production that offers something pure with it putting more focus on her spine chilling voice. The track slowly builds throughout the inclusion of gentle synths and an alluring string section coming in to create an almost cinematic finale to the track. However the lyrics are what steals the show here with them coming from a time in Novaa’s life where she realised she could heal from past illnesses, giving an honest, relatable and somewhat heartbreaking portrayal of her past.

Unique, special, angelic, whatever you want to call Novaa’s music all you need to know is that she has a flair that is hard to come across in the music industry. She has something that no one else does and that’s what makes her music feel like a grand experience.

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