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Some people love parties and will do whatever it takes to make them feel like a massive event where they’ll end up leaving with stories to tell for years to come. Then you’ve got people like me who’d much rather stay at home to avoid them all together and luckily Brooklyn based artist Illicit Ghost feels the exact same way as she tells us in her latest track.

Parties By Myself sees Ghost deliver her rawest vocal yet with so much passion being but into them that you believe every hard hitting note she delivers. The production helps amplify this intense feeling even further with ominous synths clashing with the dirty bass line and Ghost’s signature aggressive violin sound coming into play during the chorus. This is one of those tracks that is perfect for belting out in the middle of your home with a glass of wine or beer in hand as you celebrate cancelling plans for going out.

This song is all about not taking crap from anyone and just making sure that you do what makes you happy and Illicit Ghost manages to capture that feeling effortlessly through her intelligent lyrics and raw delivery. What more could you ask for in an introverts anthem?

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