When most people talk about music in Nashville it’s usually about the country music scene but as of late their has been a thriving pop music scene that has become one of the best in the USA. Spazz Cardigan is one of the artists currently benefiting from this resurgence with his blossoming creativity allowing him to create textured pop that makes him stand out amongst the rest.

His past music has been addictive and unique to say the least and S.O.S is no different. The track features a Millennial Whoop in the chorus with the classic na na na’s getting stuck in your head instantly along with a thumping production that makes you want to leap up onto your feet to dance and belt the song out at the top of your lungs. There’s something quite cathartic about the song too with the lyrics delving into how we should move on from any mistake we make as long as we learn to better from them.

Growing up on a diet of NSYNC and Michael Jackson has certainly influenced his music because this is a song you’d want to see live. I can just envision the clapping in the verses being done by crowds of people as the seasoned performer Spazz Cardigan shows off how he can get packed venues up and dancing in unison and become apart of the show.

Spazz Cardigan’s imaginative music defies genres and gives you a euphoric feeling from start to finish. Get down to his music whether you be traveling in the car with friends or sitting alone in your bedroom.


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