Rising kiwi artist Kelsy Karter has already proven herself to be a big fan of One Direction with her writing a song for Zayn Malik and saying how she wants to work with Harry Styles in the future. Now she’s released a track that will soon become an anthem for Stylers across the globe to sing out loud in their bedroom dreaming of the man they adore.

Harry is her latest offering and as per usual it is a sickeningly addictive rock jam that honestly feels like it should be a Rolling Stones song, always a good thing. With an infectious melody being powered through with the rousing guitars and a punchy production alongside it but it’s Karter’s soulful yet raw voice that steals the show with her delivering a heart stricken vocal that perfectly represents the whole meaning behind the song.

Then you’ve got the video which takes inspiration from retro music videos with the fuzzy filter being placed over the video along with the old school fashion on display. The video even features an array of little nods to the namesake of the song with the most obvious ones being her eating a Kiwi and a Rolling Stones magazine featuring Mick Jagger on the cover.

This kiwi artist continues to set the world alight with her brand of rock music and we fully believe Kelsy Karter will be a household name in the future.

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