In the modern era it is incredibly rare you get an artist who’s willing to put just as much effort into their music video as they are their music. The music video is often seen as just an add on but Los Angeles based artist Saro has made his for Please an experience that amplifies the track to a whole new level with the song alone already deserving an award but cinematography of the video pushes it even further.

The ominous production creates a tense atmosphere with the smooth vocal of Saro gliding elegantly over the top of it and giving the track a sexual flair, but that’s not that hard with the lusciously smooth vocal that he possesses. Then you’ve got the lyrics that are artistic with their meaning distinguished with their delivery, “stop come no closer so I won’t cry / Should have known I’d never mean anything to you.”

The music video is poetry in motion. There’s no other way to describe it. Every single shot is spellbinding with it being almost impossible to take your eyes away from the video from the start all the way to the end. The deep meaning behind the video amplifies this even further with Saro saying, “It’s about getting so lost in the persona you’ve created that you become an observer of yourself. How it feels like every movement is being surveilled at all times. Voyeurs casting judgment through peepholes with their identities veiled.”

Aesthetically pleasing and treat to listen to as well. Saro has ticked all of our boxes with his Please and is sure to do the same with you.

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