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There is something about French music that just pulls you in with the elegant language sounding like liquid gold when sung. Octavio Mai are one of the latest French acts that have begun to set the music scene alight with their brand of orchestral electronic music captivating fans, not only in France, but also across the globe.

Yeux Turquoise (Turquoise Eyes) is simply spellbinding, honestly it feels like it belongs at the climax of a romantic movie where the couple reunite and stare into each others eyes before finally kissing. The cinematic production from Johan amplifies the stunning vocal of Juliet whilst allowing the melodies to intertwine with them to create a perfect harmony within the track that leaves us speechless.

France’s music scene is currently the best it has been in years and when you’ve got artists like Octavio Mai creating masterful tracks like this then we can only see that scene growing stronger and stronger as time goes on.

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