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Brooklyn based record label Sleep Well Records, run by Pronoun, has been a revelation this year in the music with every single release from the label being a work of art. Their latest offering comes from Boston based artist Funeral Advantage who’s announced his new album Nectarine will be coming out on February 22nd.

His first single off of his new album is called Black House that has us ecstatic for what else this artist has to come. The track starts of with these dark yet danceable synths that have an 80’s tinge about them before you are soon greeted by his emo-tinged vocal that adds an ominous atmosphere before a wave of guitar melodies and drum beats join in to give a raw edge to the track. The juxtaposition of the ominous vocal and uplifting production is something to marvel at too.

Everything about this is enthralling, from start to finish this track creates high scale emotion, compelling lyrics, uplifting production and a haunting vocal that is simply captivating. Prepare for a sensational album to come out February 22nd.

“Black House is about admitting to someone that you don’t have it in you to love them back. The title comes from a story my uncle told me about a neighbor who painted his house black and the neighborhood that formed a committee to make him paint his house back to a normal colour.” – Funeral Advantage

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