What’s exciting about artists like 18 year old AMA is not only do they create outstanding music, they also put a high amount of emphasis on visual side too. She recently graced us with her debut song Monochrome, a track that was written as a love note to her crush instead of really lame text, that was released via Dirty Hit and it’s already clear she has a huge amount of star quality.

The tracks opens with some disjointed synths before we are introduced to the alluring and soothing vocal of AMA that sends shivers down my spine. The minimalistic production of the track allows her to really shine with the main focus being on her effortless vocal and her poetic lyrics that sound like they were written by someone well beyond her years.

Then you have the music video that can only be described as strikingly beautiful. Honestly it’s the most aesthetically pleasing video you will ever see. This video is a celebration of love, showing all the ups and downs from a wedding day. The nerves, the exhilaration, the happiness, the sadness, every single emotion you can experience on a day all about love.

All of this makes for an incredible experience but what I love about AMA the most is how she’s got no other plan aside from music, “I’d rather just do everything in my power to make my dreams a reality because I know that it’s the only thing I want to do.” It’s that type of tenacity and passion that I love and I cannot wait to hear more from her.

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