Every generation has a band that speaks to them on a personal level with all of their songs being able to resonate with them and I haven’t seen a band come closer to this for the new generation than The 1975. Their lyrics are masterful, their production is gorgeous and they always go all out on their visuals both in their live shows and their music videos and their latest is no exception.

Today they dropped the music video, directed by Warren Fu, for one of their latest releases Sincerity Is Scary and it is filled with nothing but good vibes. Honestly it’s one of those songs that will easily put a smile on your face with the uplifting brass section throughout the track, the feature of a choir during the chorus and a happy go lucky from lead vocalist Matty Healy. It’s the type of song that will cheer you up even on your darkest day.

The music is just perfect for this track and feels like it’s come straight out of a classic movie musical with choreographed dance sequences that star Healy doing his best Gene Kelly impression, quick changes, the sudden appearance of a marching band like all classic movies and slapstick featuring throughout. The fuzziness of the video adds to that vintage charm whilst giving it a warm loving glow. As Matty Healy said it’s a, “good bowl of soup levels wholesome.”

It even features a range of easter eggs for fans to spot throughout the video with my personal favourite being the brief appearance of No Rome at the start. It’s got something for everyone and it’s what makes The 1975 a band unlike any other.

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