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FRANKIE shares her most personal track yet with “You Decided”


In the modern music scene it’s become a rare experience to find an artist who is focusing on high energy and classic pop music. Then you have FRANKIE who quite frankly (excuse the pun) thrives on creating this music with her track Ghost, a collaboration with Scott Hoying (Pentatonix) and One Night, being the perfect example of this with the music video even parodying one of the most feel good pop musicals of all time.

Her latest track is the artists most personal yet with You Decided documenting the end of a relationship and the lingering memories that come along with it. The production of this track is stellar that transports me back the 90’s along with some very heartbreaking lyrics attached with, “Remember me remember me my darling / Come back to me cos there’ll never be someone who loved you like I did / Oh just one more time,” being a personal highlight that made me feel like my heart was being ripped out of my chest.

If you’re looking for some good old fashioned pop music that will have you belting it out at the top of your lungs and rocking back forth in the corner as tears roll down your face then look no further than FRANKIE.

Connect with FRANKIE: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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