I’ve always believed that if you can captivate an audience with just your voice and an instrument then you have something very special and I think that Hailey Knox is the perfect example of this. She’s already done it multiple times before with the likes of Geeks and Bitch, Bitch, Bitch and she has done it yet again with the title track from her latest mixtape, Hardwired Mixtape.

Hardwired comes from a place of vulnerability, focusing on the insecurities that are universally felt with Knox singing poignant lyrics that will strike a chord with a lot of listeners with her fragile and emotive vocal. This track just feels genuine, I believe every single word that Knox is singing and the intimate nature of the acoustic guitar leading the track only enhances this feeling with every passing second. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful and explores the dark thoughts we feel at our weakest in a way that will leave you reaching for the tissues.

Knox turns the pains that we all feel and transforms them into beautifully crafted songs for our listening pleasure. I highly recommend listening to the whole of her Hardwired Mixtape as not only does it feature more tracks that will leave you misty eyed (Red Eyed & Don’t Got One), it also features tracks that will get your foot tapping and body swaying (Runaway & You Do You). A mixtape well worth listening too and an artist well worth becoming a fan of.

“No matter how many times I sing Hardwired, it always feels special and it’s almost like I’m explaining to you who I am through a song. If I had to choose one song off of the mixtape that gives you a glimpse of who I am, it would be this song.” – Hailey Knox

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