Throughout life we’re often left looking for someone to dance to the beat of our drum. Someone who can match your every beat with their effortless movement, someone who can match your craziness with their lunacy, someone who can be your partner in crime in every sense of the phrase. It’s something we all envision and will wait to find.

This topic is exactly what STORME has based their latest track Be My Drummer on. This is the type of track I can seeing being played in clubs across the globe with people dancing for joy and crying as well. With the pulsating beats that and thriving atmosphere that feeds the energy of the track it’s hard not to get your foot tapping along but then you have the lyrics that will make you want to cry along to that beat, weird phrase but it’s true.

The highest praise I can give this track is that it feels like classic Robyn, the type of heartbreaking pop music you can dance to whilst also having an existential crisis. It’s a brilliant track and definitely one to see live, especially with the band performing at multiple festivals across Europe in the Spring and Summer of 2019.

“I wrote ‘Be My Drummer’ about the search for that one person who can dance to your beat. Someone who matches your own energy, and wild passion for life. Can that special person you’ve met create his own waves, will he do the unexpected and lift you higher?” – Amanda Liedberg, front woman of STORME

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