Throughout the past two years British alt rock artist Sam Fender has been consistently blowing us away with his spectacular musicality and outstanding tracks. He brought us to tears with his poignant track about the stigma of mental health with Dead Boys and has had us mesmerised by his emotive vocal in Leave Fast. He hasn’t missed a beat.

Today he dropped a new track called Poundshop Kardashians, which is Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats1 today, and as per usual he doesn’t disappoint. In this track he talks about the typical night out in Newcastle featuring your Geordie Shore rejects and bargain basement Kardashians and how these people who’re famous for being famous effect the next generation. It’s an interesting topic approached with playful yet damning lyrics like, “We idolize idiots / Masturbate over sex tapes / We love them and we hate them and wanna see them fall,” sung on top of a cascading guitar melody and dynamic drum beats.

Sam Fender is honestly an artist that everyone needs to get into because he is a true talent. He doesn’t focus on writing songs about the tripe a lot of other artists do, he focuses on tracks around politics and social change that try and make an impact on the listener. A true talent and if you love this track then be sure to check out his Dead Boys EP which is coming out tomorrow.

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