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Sometimes when life gets you down all you need is a good song and frivolous dance session to get you feeling happy and full of life again. Then you come to the issue of what song you need to play that can give you that energy to dance like nobody is watching, well look no further than Le Youth’s latest track featuring UK artist and prominent dance vocalist Karen Harding.

Stay starts off with the soft clicking of fingers before launching into the full scale production that is filled with a luscious array of synth beats, a dream of a bass line and a chorus that just makes you want to dance with it’s infectious melody that comes straight out of the 90’s. As usual Harding’s vocal is sublime, carrying the high energy and power that is needed to lead a track like this and take it up to the next level.

If you’re at a party and it begins to die down then this is just the track you need to bring the energy back, get the whole room jumping for joy and have the party continue until the early hours of the morning. Perfect for any party playlist.

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