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“Bonfire” is the poetic and enthralling debut of Conrad

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An artists debut single is always their most important track. It’s the one that introduces the world to you and your music so you really need to get it right and luckily northerner in London Conrad has hit the nail on the head with his debut track that arrives just in time to keep us company during the cold nights and dark evenings.

Bonfire is an emotive, soulful track that will have you reaching for the tissues within the first ten seconds. The sparse piano creates an intimate atmosphere enhancing the stunning vocal that Conrad is displaying where you feel every bit of emotion in his voice along with the slick guitar melodies and deep baselines that come in later. The lyrics are incredibly raw, poetic and deeply personal, they’re frankly gorgeous, and compliment the visuals on display in the captivating music video effortlessly.

The track deals with the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability that comes from not being able to control events that are happening around you. It’s something that is incredibly tough to handle. That feeling of being useless. Conrad manages to capture this feeling with ease and makes you think that although you feel helpless now, soon the tides will change and things will get better.

“This song came to me at a time which most people will recognise – a place where you feel raw, emotional and exposed to the whole world. The bonfire is a metaphor for that feeling which is so hard to explain yet so recognisable to everyone you know.” – Conrad

Connect with Conrad: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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