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Now if you’re in the UK the majority of you may of already of heard of OSCAR considering his track 1UP featuring Sarah Bonito got a massive amount of airplay from Radio One. It was always great when I got to listen to that bop on the way to the office. Now he’s released another brand new track that is for anyone who is still thinking about their ex.

In this track OSCAR really puts his heart on his sleeve in GO with these very sincere lyrics that offer insight into a past moment that he’s turned into a gorgeously produced track. The deep vocals send shivers down my spine whilst taking me on this journey he takes us on whilst the shimmering synths create a serene and delicate atmosphere to that enhances this emotional impact further. It just has a charm to it that makes it hard to not fall in love with the track.

On top of the track he’s also helped write and produce songs for the likes of Ashniko, Mae Muller and the chart topping Mabel to name a few. In 2019 he looks set to release even more music with his upcoming LP and noteworthy collaborations and I personally cannot wait to hear them all.

“Everyone has those cold nights alone when you think about your Ex and what they’re doing at that very moment. What we forget is that time is a real charmer and paints a much better picture of what you had. This song is that romantic daydream just before you drift off to sleep wondering what could have been, and if they’re wondering it too.” – OSCAR

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