Nilüfer Yanya is a 23 year old London based artist who has previously been nominated for BBC’s Sound of 2018 and it is clear to see why when you hear her music. Her vocal is unmistakeable and her style of music is captivating, she’s one of those artists that you really need to see live.

Her latest offering, Heavyweight Champion Of The Year, is a guitar orientated track overlaid with her husky vocal that creates a tense atmosphere that is released at the end with clashing drums and a beautiful brass section. The unpredictable nature of the track leaves you constantly being surprised by what you hear, especially with the enthralling vocal that captures the lyrics perfectly.

On top of having a beautiful track their is a mesmerising music video to go along with it. Directed by Molly Daniel, the visuals focus on the concept of a performance and the relation it has to the individual. A person goes out into the world everyday and but how often to they but on a facade and pretend to be someone they’re not? We all, from time to time, play the part we don’t want to play and this music video shows this beautifully.

“Heavyweight Champion Of The Year for me is about reaching my own metaphorical bar, reaching my own limits within myself, and kind of forbidding myself to take it further. It feels like quite a physical song, quite physically tired – and mentally, but knowing the desire is still there to continue. I imagine it sometimes in my head as drawing a line around me and the outside world – a form of self protection and preservation.’ – Nilüfer Yanya

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