Since his first release in 2015, Leo Kalyan has been one of those artists that has been a joy to watch grow and with every release I’ve become more and more of a fan of him and many others have been the same. He never disappoints and his latest effort has proven to be one of Kalyan’s best tracks to date.

The Edge is one of Kalyan’s best tracks lyrically with lyrics focusing on his experiences being a member of the LGBTQ+ community and the struggles that come with that, “They’re pushing me closer and closer to the edge / In childhood I could fly by now my wings won’t spread / I wonder if love is a crime as I stand on the edge.” There’s a brilliant production behind these lyrics with an array of glittering synths and deep beats that contrast each other yet create a beautiful mix. Then you have Kalyan’s vocal that is simply spectacular to say the least with him being able to pull off tender displays of emotion and demonstrate his vocal prowess effortlessly.

It’s a stunning track and if you found it as entrancing as I did then you should consider joining Kalyan and poetry collective, The Yoniverse, at Rich Mix for The Edge as they reimagine masculinity through a queer and feminist lens on November 23rd, International Mens Day.

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