Artists often get inspired by other artists when creating their work. It’s a natural part of being a creative person. It is rare however that you get an artist writing a song as a tribute to the artist they admired but that is exactly what Belle Mt. have done as they paid their respects of the much loved Leonard Cohen in their latest release.

The idea for the track came from a letter Cohen wrote to his ex lover Marianne Ihlen that he read to her as she laid on her death bed. The story struck a chord with the lead vocalist, Matt Belmont, who set out to write a song that commemorated these two incredible people and their story.

Hydra was the result of this and, like the story itself, is filled with heartbreaking beauty, tender moments and lyrics that will leave grabbing tissues. The soaring alt pop ballad is a heartfelt tribute to the pair with a calming ambient atmosphere, a stunning orchestral arrangement and an emotive vocal that really makes you feel the pain these two lovers experienced together. All of that together leaves you with a magical track that will leave you spellbound from start to finish.

“Reading it made me desperately sad to think of these two young lovers who had spent a large portion of their youth together wrapped up in in ambition and romance, now communicating after years of separation and at an entirely different time; the closing stage of their lives. To be honest I don’t think any of us should really have been able to read that private letter, but I stumbled across an article about it and once I had read it there was just no turning off the desire to write something in tribute to these incredible people.” – Matt Belmont, lead vocalist of Belle Mt.

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