Now usually Ed Cares would lead the vocal in the London based band CHILDCARE, however this time they’ve let Emma Topolski lead the vocals, who usually plays the bass and provides backing vocals. Unexpected? Yes. Phenomenal still? Oh most definitely.

The track, Bamboo, opens with a pure harmony of oh’s that becomes the hook of the track with them being featured heavily throughout the track. The bridge is a personal highlight for me with the appearance of the gang vocals when the lyric, “Oh I wanna be somewhere else / Like Bamboo,” feeling like a beautiful moment. The hazy guitars mixed with Topolski’s velvety vocals creates an elegant contrast that is a pleasure to hear and will enthral you from start to finish.

A shake up like this would usually hinder a band but with CHILDCARE it seems to of just enhanced their sound to another level. It just brings another level of excitement to their music which makes me even more excited for what else is to come from them.

“Ed already had an idea for the chorus but wasn’t sold on the verses, so I did some soul-searching and came up with ‘I wanna be someone else’. We finished it together in my kitchen over a nice cup of Lady Grey. It was very good of him to step aside and let me take lead vocals on this one; this is CHILDCARE taking on another dimension.” – Emma Topolski

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