First off I have to say how much I love the aesthetic of their photoshoots, seriously they’re stunning, but now I’m going to move on and say how addictive WOOZE’s music is. Each one of the duo’s previous tracks, Hello You Can Go and Party Without Ya, gets your foot tapping and your head bopping along the second you hear their slick guitar riffs and infectious drum beats and their latest offering is no different.

Ladies Who Lunch With Me is an extremely unique track as it sounds like it’s two tracks that have been merged into one. The first half of the track has these jaunty guitar melodies and relentless drums but in the second half it turns into a synth dance track before reverting back to the style fo the first half to create a chaotic and frenzied end that will get you dancing like a maniac.

It’s addictive. It’s euphoric. It’s energetic. It’s just insane and all of that is exactly what you want to hear from a WOOZE track.

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