As of late retro music has been making a big comeback with disco being one that has been on the rise for a long time now and when you’ve got artists like Adeline capturing the essence of the genre so effortlessly it is clear to see why. At the same time however she doesn’t just rely on that specific sound, in fact she thrives on adding her own special flair to her tracks that brings the genre into the modern era and makes me want to go grab my spandex and dance like no tomorrow.

Her latest offering is called Hi Life and hits you immediately with infectious beats that are filled with good vibes along with a luscious vocal that is reminiscent of Diana Ross, that is really something. What I really like about her specific style of disco is that all her tracks always building up with them starting off laidback but by the time you get to the final chorus you’re greeted with a euphoric bang of vocals, grooves and classic hooks.

I’d say this is definitely a grower with you liking it on first listen but as you begin to listen to it on repeat you find yourself belting out the chorus like you’re in the middle of a roller disco in the 70’s. I’d have no shame in doing that, hell I’d do it in a shopping centre if her music was loud enough.

If you’re a fan of Adeline then I recommend keeping an ear out on Friday where she’ll be releasing her debut album [ad-uh-leen], I love how she’s telling people how to pronounce her name through the title, November 9th, so this Friday. If her previous tracks are any hint to what we’re going to have then I think we’ll be in for a real treat.

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