You know those moments in life where you begin listening to a song and you realise that you’re going to be in for something that’s going to become your new addiction? Well I got that feeling literally seconds into hearing Balcony’s latest single. It just draws you in and keeps you there from start to finish in a way that most bands in the era of streaming struggle to do but they achieve it as if it is second nature to them.

The band have said that the song celebrate the memories of youth, which explains why the track is called Parking Lots, I think we all hung out with our friends at least once at a parking. Memories aside the track is something beautiful to hear with the smooth vocals, along with the gang vocals, sending me into a calmed state along with the alluring synths that will get your foot tapping along to the beat and the chorus that I find myself smiling to every time I hear it.

The whole track is ladened with a nostalgic sound that transports you back to the days of your care free youth with a euphoric backing track that just fills you with joy. It’s like something out of a modern day Breakfast Club or, better yet, a modern tunnel song from Perks Of Being A Wallflower. It’s one of those tracks that you just fall in love with on first listen and although this band might be young they’ve got something special that is well beyond their years.

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