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I’m a big fan of the phrase, “Music Can Heal,” as it is something I find to be very true. Whether you’re suffering through your first heartbreak, the loss of someone you hold dear or leaving somewhere you love there will always be a song that can help you heal. Then you have R E L, an artist from Los Angeles, who’s latest single is an anthem for recovering from an eating disorder.

The evocative pop, or evocapop as the artist calls her music, has a tender nature to it that is created with the alluring piano melody and subdued drum beats with her emotive vocal being the main focus and taking you on this journey with her. The lyrics of Surgery pack a punch too with lyrics like, “I never really get there / Around sixty, I lose track in my head / Those numbers don’t have my back,” immediately giving you thought provoking questions to answer and think about. This is soon followed up with more hopeful lyrics like, “I’m gonna sit down, I’m gonna make a plan, I’m gonna stick to my plan / I’m gonna dance when the lights come on,” that show that there is light even if you only see darkness.

I share this track because it’s a message that needs to be heard. It’s one of accepting your own body and loving yourself as well as healing yourself when you’ve done damage to your own body. It’s a powerful message in a song that offers it out in a beautifully crafted and elegant way.

“Music can heal. I’ve chosen to make a 3-side album to address each phase of healing as its own story & as part of a bigger story. I developed anorexia at a very young age (7) & struggled with it for many years. Side A tells the story of a first stage of healing – facing the problem, realizing you’ve been hurting yourself. Self compassion is the first step towards peace.” – R E L

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