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“Liar Liar” is a pulsating pop anthem from Disney star Peyton List


Over the years a lot of Disney actors/actresses have tried their hand at having a singing career with varying results with some being outstanding and others being… less so. However there are some that will leave you genuinely surprised, in a good way, and that is certainly the case with Peyton List who’s thumping electro pop debut left me with my head bopping along to the beat and singing the hook under my breath all day long.

Liar Liar is List’s debut track that sees her unfiltered for the first time with brutally honest and proactive lyrics about an ex who has done her wrong but she’s still attached to him despite the fact he has moved on. The melody is infectious and the hook is incredibly catchy with List’s sultry pop vocals guiding you on this honest portrayal of her own love life.

The 20 year old released this track through Dirty Canvas Music, home to the American Authors and Young Rising Sons, and they seem like the perfect home for List’s style of pulsating pop anthems. It’s safe to say Peyton List has a strong career in music ahead of her and along with all her charity work that she does on the side with ASPCA I wish her the best with it all.

Connect with Peyton List: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 


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