I remember years ago when I first began listening to Brandyn Burnette and how I fell in love with his brand of alternative soul. Over the years he’s continued to steadily release new music like Layup, Run and even a little Christmas song, tis the season after all but now he’s changed his stage name. Yes, now Burnette goes by EMAN8 which comes from his middle name Emanate which was passed down in his family from his Jamaican side.

His debut under the new name is called Amen and, as the song title suggests, takes inspiration from elements of gospel music with the inclusion of a choir that adds an extra layer of flavour to this jam. Filled with an eclectic range of hard hitting beats, fan faring trumpets and luscious synths that highlights the outstanding production talent EMAN8 has and his ability to blend genres like Hip Hop, Electronic and Gospel together is an effortless fashion.

Genre bending, an uplifting vocal, exceptional production talents and playful lyrics. All of these things come together to demonstrate why EMAN8 is a real talent and has the capabilities to make a big impact on the music world.

“Through the process of working on my first full album, I decided to change my artist name to my middle name ’emanate’ which was a name passed down in my family to me from my Jamaican side. The project is inspired by my time growing up in surrounded by hip-hop & the church in St. Louis. I love live instruments like strings, pianos, horns, choir vocals. I wanted to create a sound the pays homage to my Jamaican roots as well as my midwestern upbringing… I wanted to create something the symbolizes the departure from Brandyn Burnette & my rebirth as EMAN8. The track was co-produced by a young Canadian producer named Nick Henriques who recently co-produced Loud Luxury’s single ‘Body’.” – EMAN8

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