There is something truly captivating and special about the North Carolina native Linney and her personally honest style of music. We’ve seen in the past that if you give her just a piano she is able to make you feel the pain of every word she is singing and today she’s proven that even with a fully produced track she is able to create an intimate track that packs an emotional punch.

There is a delicate atmosphere to Substance that comes from the almost 80’s styled guitar riff and slick drums that allows the ethereal vocals of Linney to shine and lull you into a calmed yet emotive state. The chorus is simply magic with the track almost becoming silent as Linney sings, “You’re my substance of choice,” emphasising those lyrics in a simple yet entrancing way that allows your mind to create a story surrounding those elegantly crafted lyrics.

The more music I hear from Linney the more I am left in awe of her talent and musicality. With every single she releases she slowly but surely becomes one of my favourite new artists. Heart achingly beautiful, her music is something to always keep an eye on.

“Last year I had sinus surgery and after the procedure I woke up feeling like my body remembered something that my brain didn’t. “Substance” is about self-control and how your mind & body make decisions differently. I felt this separation for almost a year. When writing the song, I kept thinking about how the two would treat an addiction differently. And what if that addiction was actually a person, hence: “I can’t stop my body from wanting to remember you.” I think our bodies contain knowledge that our brains may not be aware of at the time. Like reflexes. We’re designed to protect ourselves. Our instincts will jump into gear when we’re engaging in something physically dangerous so why not emotionally dangerous as well?” – Linney

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