I remember first listening to Alex Vargas a few years ago now when he was focusing mainly on acoustic folk style music, very traditional singer songwriter. Over those years he has been developing his style and now focuses on an electronic music style that perfectly contrasts the raw and raspy vocal I have come to love from him.

Now That I Think About It opens with hazy harmonies leading us into the soulful tones of his vocal. There’s a more minimalist production on this track that allows it to be lead by these striking vocals of Vargas that can only be described as Hauntingly beautiful. A dear friend once called his music noise soul and honestly I think I’d rather call it Singer Soulwriter with the effortless way he fuses the two genres together effortlessly.

On top of all that he also has a stunning visual to go along with the track. The video is both intense and entrancing with an ending that will leave you with your mouth hanging open.

“This is the moment when you realize and reach the final decision to cut the connection to a person you’ve been very close to. When that choice is the last resort for you to get on with your life! But then comes doubt. Was this the right thing to do? How is the other person now? And how are you?” – Alex Vargas

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