As of late the beautiful nation of Iceland has been generating some brilliants musicians with the likes of Axel Flovent and Kaleo to name only two. It seems that the silence and serene nature of the country has helped bring up another new artist as well with DAVID44 (David ├ôlafsson) showing us the sheer beauty and effortlessness of his vocal in his latest offering. Although recently moving to Denmark it’s clear to see he is still able to write and produce some stellar tracks in his new surroundings.

Truth is the first single off of his upcoming debut album, coming out next year, that is filled with wonderfully deep synths that create a beautiful atmosphere and an emotive vocal from DAVID44 where you can believe every word he is singing. The production is superb with him taking influence from the modern electronic pop scene, the 90’s House genre and old school funk to create an eclectic track that allows it all to meld together perfectly.

Truth mainly focuses on self image, specifically not believing in yourself or not accepting your physical appearance, something a lot of us can relate to. The tender track approaches this topic in a way that is both subtle and poignant with some very powerful lyrics with, “I wish you could see / Yourself through my eyes,” being one that had the most impact on me. It’s something I know I’ve said to people who feel low about themselves and I will always stand by it.

DAVID44’s first single of his debut album is a statement. It’s him making his mark on the music scene and I personally cannot wait for more to come.

“It’s about having a misunderstood self-image, not believing in yourself or accepting your true self. These can be very dangerous thoughts and I wrote ‘Truth’ to boost the missing self-esteem,” – DAVID44

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