It’s now time to hear some new music from your favourite environmental activist musical collective, there’s a phrase I never thought I’d say. Los Angeles based band Trapdoor Social are not your everyday indie pop band, you see this band also have a track record of fundraising and being activists for sustainability, even going so far as having solar powered concerts around the USA. It’s rare you see a band giving back to the environment in the way they have and is something to be admired.

The band just recently dropped a new track that feels like it needs to be played on the sunny beaches of California whilst catching some amazing waves. Hold Me Down has this wonderful uplifting nature to it that makes you just want to smile along with a melodic hook that will be stuck in your head for days to come. The track is about how when there are so many problems in the world sometimes love just makes you forget about it all and with the joyous nature of the song it’s easy for this track to do the same.

Now with this band being environmental activists and fundraising for multiple causes it seems only right we include some charities that they support that you can donate to or volunteer for if they’ve inspired you in anyway. Here they are:

GRID Alternative: GRID Alternatives’ vision is a successful transition to clean, renewable energy that includes everyone. Our mission is to make renewable energy technology and job training accessible to underserved communities.

Ignite Change: Our members work to build political power in communities across the country to protect wildlife, people, wildlands and the planet. We believe in environmental justice for all species and people.

Zero Hour: Together, we are a movement of unstoppable youth organizing to protect our rights and access to the natural resources and a clean, safe, and healthy environment that will ensure a livable future where we not just survive, but flourish.

Connect with Trapdoor Social: Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

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