The last time we’d heard the calming vocals of Billie Marten was back in 2016 when she released her debut album Writing of Blues and Yellows. It was a stunning debut that was tender, had a captivating atmosphere, emotional vocals and songwriting that was well beyond Marten’s years. Now she has returned with a track she finished writing whilst she was on a dead man’s bench, yes you read that right.

Her latest track is called Mice and was written when Marten was feeling a lack of purpose in her life, which is why the drums in the track are so lethargic compared to other track she’s released in the past. The lyrics analyse her worry about what her purpose is with the charmingly sweet vocals of Marten taking us on this journey with her where we see everything she is singing about, from sitting on a dead man’s bench to the sunset shining down on her face. A glorious return from a captivating artist.

“I felt sort of empty and lacking a lot of purpose. ‘Mice’ came out of that sentiment which is why the drums are so lethargic and lazy. The chorus though, reflects how last year I didn’t know who to ‘imitate’. It seemed there was only good and bad people in black and white; I was the anomaly in the middle.” – Billie Marten

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