When I listen to British artists they consistently lose their accents when they sing. It’s a weird talent the majority of British artists possess but that’s why Loveday stood out to me because when she sings you can hear her accent come through. It just adds a certain charm to her music that allows her to stand out amongst the crowd and make her vocal almost instantly recognisable.

Her latest track is called Breathless and follows her previous tracks, Close and To You, electronic pop sound whilst also maintaining that atmospheric nature that I’ve come to know from her. The inspiration for Breathless came from a night with her boyfriend where they stayed up late, ate junk food, watched movies and got drunk and the song honed in on that affection and closeness the two shared with each other. A modern look at the love we feel when we’re with someone special.

“Breathless is based on a night in with my boyfriend, staying up late, getting drunk- like a little party just for the two of us. The song focuses on the intimacy of a modern relationship and being obsessed with each other in the moment.” – Loveday

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