Wynne – Jaw Morant

Wynne’s been popping off for a while now. The rapper’s freestyles have constantly been going viral, has been co-signed by the legendary Missy Elliot, and her tracks have been blowing up with artists like Mahalia lending their talent. But what is it that’s made her such a standout artist? It’s quite simple actually. Her unbridled confidence in delivering caption-ready lyrics that veteran rappers would be proud of. You could give her any line and she’d find a way to make the line sound preordained. That’s how good she is.

Her latest drop Jaw Morant is one that will be being bumped in the club when it hits its viral moment. Wynne’s self-assured flow doesn’t falter once, coming out with hooks that you’ll soon be quoting regularly, “mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all?” The heavy 808’s and drums rhythmically pulse through the body, giving the illusion you’re at a club on a wild night with the DJ blasting it out.

Confidence is the main message of this track. Always knowing you’re the one of the coldest people in the room, knowing everyones looking at you, and owning every second of it. This is one of Wynne’s best to date. Blast this out and it’s a Wynne Wynne for everybody!

I wanted to create a song that felt like a night out at the club with my girls, and that’s what Jaw Morant is: the epitome of owning my confidence as a woman.

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