grouptherapy. – FUNKFEST

I’ve sung my praises about grouptherapy. on countless occasions. The trio are able to glide through the ever expanding genre landscape and remain in a lane that’s completely their own. They shift between hard-hitting rap verses that pack a titanic power, slick R&B that would fit within the early 90’s era (think Boyz II Men meets Aaliyah), and even funk driven track that’ll get your body grooving. They take it all on, and their latest single FUNKFEST is them launching their new era, igniting a spark that’s going to explode with their talent on display.

The high octane guitar riffs provide the majority of the backing, packing a visceral punch that’s on par with the lyrical delivery. It’s a single that grabs and drags you head first into their sonic world. They make sure their sound doesn’t require an introduction, from the offset you’re witnessing something unfathomable and, as a result, become enamoured by the ingenuity this dynamic trio offer. Each deep-seated delivery and smooth vocal run, every emphatic guitar riff and pulsating beat, they all create something that’s unique to only grouptherapy.

Chances are these artists have individually come into your life at some point. Their acting, solo singing, and modelling careers have been in the public eye where they’re been forced to be held back from their creativity. Now in this new era, they’re liberated and helping us feel that way too.

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