Sody – Star Potential


I remember stumbling across Sody’s debut single Sorry on Soundcloud many years ago, instantly thinking she was something special. Shortly after she went on to sign for Relentless Records, with the young starlet developing her sound under the watchful eye of industry heavyweights. The music she released was nothing short of exceptional, be it her collaborations with Cave Town and Foster, or the tantalising solo endeavours that gave is a brief glimpse of her natural storytelling. However she felt it was time for a change after four years at the label, so she left, entered her independent era, and her first single is a tongue-in-cheek dig at the music industry.

Star Potential is something that every new musician entering in the industry will experience when they’re on the rise. The barrage of industry veterans sending you DMs about how much star potential you have, only to lose the opportunities and belief as time goes on. It’s a harsh reality that Sody isn’t afraid to point out. Through her authentic vocal performance she brings her own experiences to the foreground, days of being terrified, questioning who she is, and confidence plummeting each day she isn’t reaching the star potential. It’s an honest take on her time in the industry, raw to the core, and unashamedly compelling.

Sody has always had the winning blueprint as a musician, and this is no exception.

I wrote this song when I felt like I wasn’t good enough for this industry. People were telling me I had all this potential to be something and ‘star quality’ yet nothing was moving in their eyes and opportunities weren’t being given to me. That’s when I made the decision to leave my label and become an independent artist again. To create my own destiny. Actions speak louder than words and I can’t pay my rent with exposure, I hope anyone that has a talent in something knows their worth!

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